Angels on the Street + The Power of Sincerity + Q&A

Angels On The Street 05

Angels on the Street

Angels on the Street is a film that should feature more in the history of cinema. It was the first Korean film to experiment with live recording of sound, non-professional actors and on-location shooting. This pre-dates the Italian Neorealist film-movement by over 4 years and arguably makes director Choi In-gyu a cinematic pioneer. Angels on the Street follows the story of Myeong-ja and Yong-pil, two young siblings living on the streets of Seoul. Their lives are hard, and tragedy looks imminent but help is at hand in the form of kindly Priest Bang Soo-bin and his generous brother-in-law, Dr Ahn.

The Power of Sincerity

A film about paying your taxes is not a natural topic for entertainment but this silent 1935 film is both interesting and well-crafted. The film follows a son as he tries to convince her miserly father to pay his taxes and contribute to the wellbeing of the whole village. Found in Gosfilmofond, along with several newsreels from the period (see Korean Cultural Centre and the British Film Institute programs for more detail), The Power of Sincerity is look at a past long gone.

+ Q&A with Chung Chong-hwa

KCCUK, 12 Feb 2019 7:00 pm

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