A Slice Room + Conversation with Song Yun-hyeok and Nam In Young

Lkff2018 Doc Fortnight A Slice Room
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Director: Song Yun-hyeok
69mins, 2016

Behind the image of prosperity of contemporary South Korea lies a stark social reality which pushes the poorest in society to live in the streets and in shanty towns, forced to suffer poor living conditions and little access to welfare benefits. These residencial areas, known as "jjokbangchon" (villages of slice or cubicle rooms) are home to thousands of people, many of them elderly men and women struggling with illness and extreme poverty. Drawing on his experience  as a social worker and activist, Song Yun-hyeok made this film to advocate for these people's rights and uses his camera to dress a portrait of the current shortcomings of the South Korean's welfare system. He focuses on the lives of a few people he befriended while he was temporarily living in the neighborhood, as they try to find ways out of their situation. He films a newly wed couple, Il-soo and Sun-hee, follows a man, Nam-sung, as he struggles to obtain his welfare payments, and talks to another man, Chan-hyun, struggling with depression. The residents articulate their dissatisfaction at their perceived lack of support and assistance. A Slice Room is a strong portrait of these communities and the threats they face and it is committed to bring some awareness and change to these people's lives.  The film also shows the tireless work done by social organisations as they try to help people in their daily struggles.

Birkbeck Cinema, 11 Aug 2018 11:30 am

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