For Vagina's Sake + Q&A Director Kim Bo-ram

For Vagina’S Sake

UK Premiere

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Director: Kim Bo-ram
Cert 12, 84mins, 2017

Periods have been a source of shame and embarrassment for too long. Inspired by a conversation with her Dutch friend, and the famous Instagram banning of artist Rupi Kaur’s photograph of a woman with a bloodstain, filmmaker Kim Bo-ram goes on a worldwide adventure in pursuit of personal experiences, and exploring the silence and historical fears surrounding menstruation.

With bursts of vibrant animation, the film bounces through the evolution of menstrual products, and the growth of information sharing thanks to the internet. Kim observes the international campaigns to make sanitary products freely available in schools, and to ensure that girls have access to them so they don’t miss out on their education by having to stay at home. For Vagina’s Sake is a playful, funny and vital piece of documentary filmmaking, that shows how the world needs to stop being so awkward and ridiculous about a natural process, period.

British Museum, 05 Nov 2018 2:00 pm

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