Women's Voices

Hit the Night + Q&A Director Jeong Ga-young

Hit The Night

UK Premiere

Film info

Director: Jeong Ga-young
Cast: Jeong Ga-young, Park Jong-hwan, Hyung Seul-woo
Cert TBC, 85mins, 2017

A young woman questions a man over drinks as research for her screenplay; “Consider me a friend”, she implores. Director and lead star Jeong Ga-young clearly has ulterior motives as she presses Jin-Hyuk to shares his deepest, most intimate sexual habits. With different motivations and expectations, the pair enter a sort of intellectual battle, in a fascinating exploration of attraction and connection and that intangible thing that sparks infatuation. Fuelling the night with gin, Ga-young hunts down her object of desire with unabashed abandon, her underhand methods flipping the typical roles of heteronormative male tactics. With hints of Richard Linklater’s Before trilogy (1995-2013), they talk all evening, and the conversation meanders from sex and desire, to personality type and childhood memories. A self-reflexive thread about cinephiles and the filmmaking process adds a postmodern flourish to Hit the Night, with its startlingly frank confessions and twists and turns that keep you guessing until the end.

ICA London, 06 Nov 2018 6:30 pm

For Vagina's Sake + Q&A Director Kim Bo-ram

For Vagina’S Sake

UK Premiere

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Director: Kim Bo-ram
Cert 12, 84mins, 2017

Periods have been a source of shame and embarrassment for too long. Inspired by a conversation with her Dutch friend, and the famous Instagram banning of artist Rupi Kaur’s photograph of a woman with a bloodstain, filmmaker Kim Bo-ram goes on a worldwide adventure in pursuit of personal experiences, and exploring the silence and historical fears surrounding menstruation.

With bursts of vibrant animation, the film bounces through the evolution of menstrual products, and the growth of information sharing thanks to the internet. Kim observes the international campaigns to make sanitary products freely available in schools, and to ensure that girls have access to them so they don’t miss out on their education by having to stay at home. For Vagina’s Sake is a playful, funny and vital piece of documentary filmmaking, that shows how the world needs to stop being so awkward and ridiculous about a natural process, period.

British Museum, 05 Nov 2018 2:00 pm

Grown Up + Introduction by Ania Ostrowska + Q&A with Eunkyung Lee

Grown Up

European Premiere

Film info

Director: Jang Hye-yeong
Cast: Jang Hyeyeong, Jang Hyejeong, Yoon Jeongmin
Cert 12, 98mins, 2018

Since being sent to a home for people with disabilities at the age of 13, Hyejeong has spent more than half of her life away from her family. Reflecting on the lack of agency Hyejeong has had over the decisions made in her life, her older sister Hyeyeong decides to bring her back to Seoul and make a film as they adjust to their new life together. Encountering bureaucratic obstacles and trying out schools for her, Hyeyeong discovers she has a lot to learn about Hyejeong’s needs, as well as her own. As Hyejeong knocks back coffee like there’s no tomorrow, the sisters bond over music, and Hyeyeong considers the pressures and expectations put on carers, and the importance of having a supportive community.

Occasionally turning the camera on the sisters’ friends, Grown Up is a tender and intimate film that is not afraid to show vulnerability and explore the mistakes made along the way.

Picturehouse Central, 07 Nov 2018 6:30 pm

Women's Voices Shorts Programme + Introduction by Corrina Antrobus


Women's Voices Shorts Programme, featuring three acclaimed short films from women filmmakers.

Picturehouse Central, 05 Nov 2018 6:30 pm

Exploring Female Body Politics On Screen: Roundtable Discussion with Kim Bo-ram, Jeong Ga-young and chaired by Jemma Desai


The discussion follows the screening of For Vagina’s Sake, and connects with the rest of the “Women’s Voices” programme where we observe ideas and fears around female bodies and sexuality beyond the constraints of the heterosexual male gaze. This roundtable discussion will reflect on how a woman’s body is explored on film, with regards to behaviours and biological realities that are often muted or denied.

Filmmaker Kim Bo-ram will be joined by her colleague Jeong Ga-young (Hit the Night) and London-based filmmaker/artist Mania Akbari, Jemma Desai (programmer for the BFI London Film Festival and British Council Film) on demystifying female bodies and exploring the responsibilities of visual media representation.

The conversation will consider how contemporary Korean films like For Vagina’s Sake and similar UK productions are dismantling the shame and silence around a woman’s body, the natural cycles and aiding the female emancipation at large.

Please note: There is only one ticket link for both the screening of 'For Vaginas Sake' and this Forum event. If you book, you are free to attend either or both of these events.

British Museum, 05 Nov 2018 4:00 pm