The Land of Seonghye + Introduction by Film Critic & Programmer Jang Byungwon

The Land Of Seonghye

European Premiere

Film info

Director: Jung Hyung-suk
Cast: Song Ji-in, Kang Doo
Cert 15, 117mins, 2018

Shot in luminous black and white, this is a deeply affecting contemporary portrait of a society, a city and, above all, a woman, all struggling to cope with rapid economic change. Seonghye (Song Ji-in) is an educated young woman whose life appears inexplicably in freefall. Unfolding with a forensic eye for social detail, we gradually discover why Seonghye finds herself marginalised from the plastic yet comfortable corporate world she once inhabited. Physically and mentally exhausted, working two minimum wage jobs, everything is falling apart for Seonghye. Change does come but at considerable cost. When one character says “it’s all about money, money, money – the shit of money”, it’s hard to argue. And yet there is something even darker lurking in the heart of this tough, gorgeous and nuanced work which deservedly won the Grand Prize at this year’s Jeonju Festival’s Korean Competition strand. Riveting.

Picturehouse Central, 03 Nov 2018 1:00 pm

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