Mise-en-scene Shorts 1

The Monologue

Selected from the 17th Mise-en-scène Short Film Festival

The Monologue - Despite her love for her new baby, Ji-yeon struggles with the halt of her acting career, a negligent and insensitive husband, and interfering neighbours. A visit from a now-successful actress friend only increases Ji-yeon’s sense of isolation; so when she gets an offer for an audition, she’ll do anything to make it happen. This award-winning short is a poignant and intimate portrait of a woman’s struggle to maintain her identity in the face of parental responsibility.

Morning of the Dead - Sungjae must sell off his large DVD collection. A young student eagerly comes to his house to examine the goods; but she only wants one very special DVD: a limited edition of George A. Romero’s Dawn of the Dead, and he won’t sell it by itself. This leads to a comic battle of wills between the two cinephiles. When Sungjae reluctantly watches the film with the girl, he rediscovers his love of movies, and he wonders who truly deserves such a collection.

Shadower - Sang-gyu and Min-sun are best friends and avid gamers; but on a trip to the game store, they are accosted by bullies, who beat Sang-gyu and steal his money. But Min-sun’s brother is known by the bullies, and they leave him alone. Now, Min-sun finds his brother’s protection affords him newer friends, leaving Sang-gyu behind. In order to prove himself, Sang-gyu finds a protector of his own and teaches Min-sun a lesson.

Picturehouse Central, 06 Nov 2018 6:30 pm

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