Mise-en-scene Shorts

Mise-en-scene Shorts 1

The Monologue

Selected from the 17th Mise-en-scène Short Film Festival

The Monologue - Despite her love for her new baby, Ji-yeon struggles with the halt of her acting career, a negligent and insensitive husband, and interfering neighbours. A visit from a now-successful actress friend only increases Ji-yeon’s sense of isolation; so when she gets an offer for an audition, she’ll do anything to make it happen. This award-winning short is a poignant and intimate portrait of a woman’s struggle to maintain her identity in the face of parental responsibility.

Morning of the Dead - Sungjae must sell off his large DVD collection. A young student eagerly comes to his house to examine the goods; but she only wants one very special DVD: a limited edition of George A. Romero’s Dawn of the Dead, and he won’t sell it by itself. This leads to a comic battle of wills between the two cinephiles. When Sungjae reluctantly watches the film with the girl, he rediscovers his love of movies, and he wonders who truly deserves such a collection.

Shadower - Sang-gyu and Min-sun are best friends and avid gamers; but on a trip to the game store, they are accosted by bullies, who beat Sang-gyu and steal his money. But Min-sun’s brother is known by the bullies, and they leave him alone. Now, Min-sun finds his brother’s protection affords him newer friends, leaving Sang-gyu behind. In order to prove himself, Sang-gyu finds a protector of his own and teaches Min-sun a lesson.

Picturehouse Central, 06 Nov 2018 6:30 pm

Mise-en-scene Shorts 2


Selected from the 17th Mise-en-scène Short Film Festival

Tail - Civil servant Jong-hak takes pride in helping to resettle North Korean refugees. He also takes pride in his secret job as a spy, identifying family members of the refugees who helped and would be put to death. When he discovers that none of these reports have been sent, he is devastated that his hard work, even if it mean the death of dozens, has been in vain. Tail is a powerful story of the price of loyalty.

Hysteria - Following a mental breakdown and a stay in a hospital, Hye-ju is retrieved by her family. The brother wants to return to childish games, and the parents want to act as if nothing is wrong -but Hye-ju cannot hide her frustration. Tension builds in everything that is unspoken: the truth behind the image of the ‘happy’ nuclear family, and the cause of Hye-ju’s breakdown, lead to a harsh words, and harsher actions, that will have devastating consequences.

Passing Over the Hill - An elderly woman spends her days improving her literacy, collecting empty bottles, and reading poetry by her late son. She decides to find the locations of one poem, venturing into Seoul and tracing its path like the lines on the page. In experiencing the poem as it was written, she hopes to find some lost traces of her son; instead, she finds it through a young woman whose own love of the poetry evokes a different kind of memorial connection.

Picturehouse Central, 07 Nov 2018 8:45 pm