Their Last Love Affair (35mm) + Can't Live Without You (Short) + Q&A Director Lee Myung-se

Their Last Love Affair

Poet-professor Yeong-min meets Yeong-hee, a journalist who has reviewed a collection of his poems. They click: literary criticism is far from their minds as they dash off to a hotel room for some fairly acrobatic lovemaking. He becomes obsessed with Yeong-hee; she makes an effort to resist, but not for long. Yeong-min, pretending to need time away from family for the sake of research, sets the two of them up in a beachside shack where domestic routine vies with passion. How long can this world apart contain them?

The film playfully wrong-foots us at the outset. We begin in what looks like a noir crime caper, only to drop into the first encounter of the two main characters. Much later, even amid the passion and increasing tension in scenes at the beach house, the story maintains its balance of humour and visual beauty.

+ Short film, Can't Live Without You

Close-up Film Centre, 11 Nov 2018 8:00 pm

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