Love+Sling + Introduction by Anton Bitel


European Premiere

Film info

Director: Kim Dae-woong
Cast: Yoo Hai-jin, Kim Min-jae, Lee Seong-kyung
Cert 15, 110mins, 2017

“Free yourself!” shouts widowed father and ex-wrestler Gui-bo (Yoo Hai-jin, 1987: When The Day Comes, 2018; The Unfair, 2015) to his 19-year-old son Seong-woong (Kim Min-jae, The Great Seducer, 2018, Hit The Top, 2017) during a wrestling bout. Thick as thieves, father and son need to free themselves from one another’s emotional grip. Complications, and a solution, will come when Seong-woong, about to declare his love to his best friend and neighbour Ga-young (Lee Seong-kyung), realises that in fact she has long been infatuated not with him, but more improbably with his much older father instead - something which forces both men to grow up, face some home truths and learn to live their own lives. Writer/director Kim Dae-woong's feature debut is at first a breezily funny, charmingly performed love triangle, before slowly letting more Oedipal emotions loose.

Regent Street Cinema, 10 Nov 2018 9:00 pm

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