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2017. Directed by Han Jun-hee , starring Kim Hye-soo, Kim Ko-eun, Cert 18 , 110 mins.

In this Incheon-based, super-saturated female crime melodrama from first time director Han Jun-Hee, veteran South Korean star Kim Hye-soo plays the psychotic crime-boss known as ‘Mom’ whose unsavoury trade includes organ-trafficking and loan-sharking. Former street kid Kim Ko-eun plays the tomboy protégée Il-young who suddenly turns soft and can’t bring herself to kill a trainee chef as commanded - much to Mom’s cold fury. With its violent and melancholic disposition, as well as the twists and turns of its themes of stolen childhood, traded bodies and soul-destroying vengeance Coin Locker Girl eschews Hollywood redemption themes for a determinedly unresolved conclusion. By the end we’ve been on quite the ride, which begins and more or less concludes in the station transit locker where Il-young was first found as an abandoned baby.

Phoenix, 05 Nov 17 3:00 pm

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