Franky and Friends: A Tree of Life

Franky And Friends Stills 9
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Director: Park Jung-oh
Cast: An Yeongmi, Lee So-eun, Kim Min-jung
Cert U, 72mins, 2018

Franky and Friends are back for another exciting adventure in the Fairytale Kingdom! Teaching kids the perils of wastefulness, this big screen version of the popular TV cartoon follows Franky and Friends on an adventure to save the Tree of Life after he and the two buddies he lives with, Kwon and Pong, create havoc by asking for more food than they can eat. Trying to ensure they get more of Doo’s delicious cooking, they’ve been secretly burying the leftovers in the forest but get a shock when strange mushrooms start growing outside causing the local insects to increase to giant size and eat all the food in sight. Franky might be about to starve if he can’t defeat the evil witch who wants to harness the Tree of Life for her own ends! Charming, family-friendly fun.

Phoenix, 04 Nov 2017 12:00 pm

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