Miss Ex

Miss Ex
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2016. Directed by Jeong Ga-young , starring Jeong Ga-young, Kim-Choi Yong-joon, Lee Ha-yoon , 99 mins.

Who most influences young Korean indies these days? On the evidence of Jeong Ga-young’s sparky debut (as director-writer and lead actress), the answer is Hong Sangsoo. Shot in very cool black-and-white, this four-chapter film charts daytime drinker Ga-young’s determined attempt to re-seduce her former boyfriend Jeonghoon while his parents are out. He has a new girlfriend (unseen) and a sister (who turns up) and actively resists getting back together with Gayoung. But she’s a persistent and resourceful young woman … The visual style and emphasis on banter may derive from Hong Sangsoo, but the insights into a new generation’s sexual and emotional issues are fresh as a pin.

Tony Rayns

Picturehouse Central, 15 Nov 16 7:00 pm

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