Alone + Q&A

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2015. Directed by Park Hong-min , starring Lee Ju-won, Song You-hyun, Yoon Young-min, Kim Dong-hyun , 90 mins.

There are still old districts in Seoul composed of labyrinthine, winding alleyways, often built on hillsides, most facing demolition and redevelopment. One of them is the setting for Alone, a gripping mystery thriller in the vein of Christopher Nolan’s Memento: a man apparently trapped in a nightmare struggles to find the exit from the maze. Soomin wakes naked and amnesiac in a night alley near his studio; he recalls witnessing and photographing a murder, and the film charts his increasingly desperate struggle to understand what has happened since then. Premiered at last year’s Busan IFF, Alone won stage actor Lee Juwon a deserved prize as Best New Actor.

Tony Rayns

Picturehouse Central, 12 Nov 16 7:00 pm

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