A Fish + Q&A

A Fish
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2011. Directed by Park Hong-min , starring Lee Jang-hoon, Kim Sun-bin, Choi Soe-un, Park No-sik , 95 mins.

Superbly shot in home-made 3-D, Park Hong-min’s neo-noir mystery involves murder, shamanism, a violent gumshoe and an increasingly deranged husband. Professor Lee has walked out on his students in mid-class. Now he’s driving south to rendez-vous with the seedy private eye who tells him that his missing wife has become a shaman on Jindo Island. But the detective seems to be a psychotic menace, and Lee finds himself losing touch with reality. Meanwhile two men on a nearby fishing platform start speculating about the dreams of fish … Amazingly skilful for an indie debut (even the subtitles are in 3-D!), this delivers more frissons-per-minute than most Hollywood thrillers.  

Tony Rayns

Picturehouse Central, 11 Nov 16 7:00 pm

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