Wind on the Moon

Wind On The Moon
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2014. Directed by Yi Seung-jun , starring Kim Ye-ji, Kim Mi-young, Kim Ja-yeop, Kim Ha-neul , 101 mins.

Following Yi’s award winning Planet of Snail (2012) and a decade of creating documentaries for TV and the cinema this new film is an observational portrait of the 19 year old Ye-ji. Born deaf and blind Ye-ji struggles to communicate and her path is assisted by her mother whose perspective much of the documentary is presented from. Ye-ji’s mother has enlisted her in a special school for the blind aimed at assisting her assimilation into society. The film lacks any voiceover or commentary from the director, instead Ye-ji’s mother reads from her diary which acts as a structuring device and reveals the fears, experiences and expectations she has for her disabled daughter. The result is a film which covers a difficult subject with a sincerity and calmness displaying a preference for the quotidian and the everyday downplaying overly emotive gestures.

Odeon Camden, 13 Nov 16 2:00 pm

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