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2016. Directed by Lee Sung-gang , 95 mins.

Epic adventure awaits in this animated tale of a young warrior on a quest to protect his village from an evil queen. Growing up on the grasslands of Central Asia, Kai and Samui live happily until an expedition into the snowy mountains ends in disaster. When an avalanche separates the siblings Kai is saved by their mother but his sister is lost into the icy lakes of the Hattan – the villainous snow-queen. 8-years later and the Hattan’s power has covered the land in ice. It’s up to brave Kai to learn the ways of a warrior in order to protect his village and those he loves. Produced by Yeon Sang-ho  (Train to Busan, Seoul Station), this is the third feature from award-winning animation director Lee Sung-gang.

Odeon Kingston, 05 Nov 16 5:00 pm

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