The Narrow Margin: Revisiting the 1980s Korean Film Collectives

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This year’s Documentary strand follows on from the 2018 LKFF ‘Documentary Fortnight’ in focusing on exemplary independent works based around the themes of social justice and resistance. The movement of independent filmmaking in South Korea has its origin in the film collectives and university cine-clubs mostly found in the 1980s. In this associated event, renowned film critic Yoo Un-seong will revisit the wider activities of the 1980s Korean film collectives, before delving into a more in-depth discussion, presenting the Seoul Film Collective as a particular case study.

Yoo Un-seong is a Korean film critic and co-publisher of Okulo, a journal of cinema and the moving image. He worked as a programmer of the Jeonju International Film Festival (2004~2012) and the program director of the Moonji Cultural Institute SAII (2012~2014). In 2018, he published Ghost And The Guards, a collection of essays on cinema, art and literature. He co-edited the books Pedro Costa (2010), Roberto Rossellini (2004) and Carl Dreyer (2003), among others.

Two short films produced by the collective will be screened before the lecture: Water Utilisation Tax and Bluebird.

Birkbeck Cinema, 09 Nov 2019 1:30 pm

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