Fatal Intuition

Fatal Intuition 08
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2015. Directed by Yun Jun-hyeong , starring Joo Won, Yoo Hae-jin, Lee Yoo-young, Ryu Hye-young, Cert 15 , 109 mins.

Jang-woo (Joo Won) lives with his teenager sister, Eun-ji (Ryoo Hye-Young), in a small and desolate coastal town eking out a living by working a menial job at an ice factory.  With both parents having died in a car accident, Jang-woo takes on the parental role for Eun-ji and plans to leave the small town and relocate with her to Seoul so that she can attend college. Eun-ji disappears one night. No-one seems to know where she is with the exception of Shi-eun (Lee Yoo-young), a strange young woman whose ability to see into the future has led to her being ostracised.  The police aren’t interested in helping Jang-woo search for his sister, and Shi-eun’s powers seem to be the only way to find her. Will they find Eun-ji before something awful happens or is it already too late? And what is it that Shi-eun knows?

KCCUK, 23 Mar 17 9:00 pm

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