Year-Round Korean Film Events

Regular screening events at the KCCUK and beyond

One of the longest running initiatives at the Korean Cultural Centre UK, our Korean Film Nights has successfully concluded the three-year project: The Year of 12 Directors (2012), The Year of 4 Actors (2013), The Year of the Film Professionals (2014). Through this, we have showcased a wide spectrum of films from Korea and introduced audiences to a number of key figures from the world of Korean Cinema.

In 2015, in the build up to the 10th anniversary of the London Korean Film Festival, Korean Film Nights has been programmed to celebrate early, less known works by 10 prominent directors from Korea who were not part of the 2012 programme (with the exception of director Im Kwon-taek). Each month we will present two of the early films by each director – some of which have never been shown in the UK.

Additionally, we have launched two exciting extensions to our film programme: Korean Film Nights Amplified and Korean Cinema Echoes. Korean Film Nights Amplified is a series of monthly pre-screening talks by UK-based film academics and critics. These talks will provide you with a fuller insight into these films by illustrating the recent history of Korean cinema as well as the socioeconomic context of the film industry in Korea. Korean Cinema Echoes takes our screenings at the Korean Cultural Centre UK off-site bringing Korean films to wider audiences.