My Turn + Mild Fever + Night Working

My Turn Still

Three powerful short films from women filmmakers: Mild Fever, which won the Best Short Film Award at the International Women's Film Festival in Seoul, completely overturns the existing paradigms of sexual violence which many Korean commercial films have been instrumentalising. Mild Fever also provides insight into the life of women as survivors, which causes ripples within society. My Turn exposes the terrible working conditions of nurses, the majority of whom are women. The ultra-intense work environment even controls women's bodies to the degree where nurses’ pregnancies are regulated, and forces them into an oppressive cycle of struggle. Finally, the film Night Working is a lonely and heart- warming tale which sincerely portrays young women living as immigrants in the global economy and naturally highlights the dream of Asian women's solidarity.

Picturehouse Central, 30 Oct 2017 6:30 pm

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