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Candle Wave Feminists + Q&A w/ Director Kangyu Garam

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Director: Kangyu Garam
Cert U, 40mins, 2018

“Proud feminists save the nation!” That’s the claim that closes Kangyu Garam’s Candle Wave Feminists, part of an omnibus film project titled ‘Square’, which called for the resignation of President Park Geun-hye. The film’s closing image shows the huge crowds taking part in the protests in Gwanghamun Square – having introduced us to the many feminist activists among them. From the Ewha Womans University students who kick-started the protests by revealing Choi Soon-Sil’s influence, to the coalition of activist groups that challenged the male-dominated left that took over, Candle Wave Feminists is an inspiring document from an accomplished filmmaker, showing that the feminist activism at the centre of the new politics goes beyond pussyhats to lasting political change.

Kangyu Garam will be joined by Ifama, filmmaker and head of video at gal-dem magazine, and Treasa O’Brien, filmmaker, artist, activist and founder of Stinging Hornet Films, who will show clips from their current work, leading into a discussion of strategies for documenting and sharing contemporary feminist communities, activism and protests.

British Museum, 30 Oct 2017 2:00 pm

My Turn + Mild Fever + Night Working

My Turn Still

Three powerful short films from women filmmakers: Mild Fever, which won the Best Short Film Award at the International Women's Film Festival in Seoul, completely overturns the existing paradigms of sexual violence which many Korean commercial films have been instrumentalising. Mild Fever also provides insight into the life of women as survivors, which causes ripples within society. My Turn exposes the terrible working conditions of nurses, the majority of whom are women. The ultra-intense work environment even controls women's bodies to the degree where nurses’ pregnancies are regulated, and forces them into an oppressive cycle of struggle. Finally, the film Night Working is a lonely and heart- warming tale which sincerely portrays young women living as immigrants in the global economy and naturally highlights the dream of Asian women's solidarity.

Picturehouse Central, 30 Oct 2017 6:30 pm

Jamsil + Q&A w/ Director Lee Wanmin and Actress Kim Saebyuk & Women's Voices Drinks Reception

Jamsil 04
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Director: Lee Wanmin
Cast: Lee Sanghee, Hong Seungyi, Kim Saebyuk
Cert 15, 130mins, 2018

Thirty-something Mihee (Lee Sanghee) repeatedly fails the bar exam, is dumped by her long-term boyfriend, and moves into a tiny, rundown flat which only adds to her feelings of loneliness and failure. One day she arrives at the house of forty-something Sungsook (Hong Seungyi) and claims that the two were once best friends in high school in spite of the obvious ten-year age gap between them. Having never set eyes on Mihee before, Sungsook invites her into the home she shares with live-in boyfriend and teenage sweetheart Ikju (Im Hyeong-gook) and behaves as if she and Mihee really were long lost friends. Elliptical and defying explanation, Lee Wanmin’s debut is a dreamlike tribute to the depth and immediacy of female friendship both past and present.

Regent Street Cinema, 02 Nov 2017 6:30 pm