The Day After + Q&A w/ cinematographer Kim Hyungkoo

The Day After Key Still 09

UK Premiere

Film info

Director: Hong Sang-soo
Cast: Kwon Haehyo, Kim Minhee, Kim Saebyuk
Cert 18, 92mins, 2017

Hong Sangsoo’s latest bulletin from the sex wars is not very droll but it’s as emotionally powerful as anything he’s done. The Day After (the Korean title Geu-hu is borrowed from Natsume Soseki’s novel Sorekara, which means “After That”) centres on a rather cowardly man and the three women whose lives he disrupts. The unhappily-married Bongwan (played by Kwon Haehyo) runs a small publishing house and has been having an affair with a young female employee. His wife finds out about it on the very day that he’s hiring Areum (Kim Minhee, now a constant presence in Hong’s films) as his new employee. This being a film by Hong, we can’t be certain what happened when or whether some scenes are or aren’t Bongwan’s fantasies. What is clear in this shimmering, monochrome movie is that a weak, middle-aged man comes up against a strong-willed and determinedly positive young woman who simply won’t let herself be bruised by the encounter. Terrific!

Picturehouse Central, 26 Oct 2017 6:30 pm