Two Doors + Q&A w/ Creative Director Lee Hyuk-sang

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Director: Kim Il-rhan and Hong Ji-you
Cast: Kwon Yeongguk, Kim Hyeongtae, Ryoo Juhyeong
Cert 15, 101mins, 2012

Following the ‘Yongsan Tragedy’ when a sit-in rally in central Seoul was organised to resist a forced eviction resulted in the deaths of five protesters and one police officer, three people involved in the demonstration were arrested and deemed responsible for the lives lost. This documentary is an investigation into what took place and questions the actions of the police who took part in the suppression of the demonstration as well as the role of the government. Two Doors benefits from the high visibility of the incident which resulted in hours of footage taken from CCTV and the recordings from both the press and onlookers being made available to the filmmakers. The access to such resources ensures that audiences are able to see and hear the actions and strategies used by the Korean police to forcibly evict the residents from the building they had been occupying.

Picturehouse Central, 31 Oct 2017 6:30 pm

The Remnants + Q&A w/ Director Lee Hyuk-sang

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Director: Kim Il-rhan and Lee Hyuk-sang
Cast: Kim Ju-hwan, Kim Chang-su, Lee Chung-yeon
Cert 15, 116mins, 2018

Two Doors investigated the events that took place in Yongsan, amassing documents to question the use of force against the people involved in the occupation of a watchtower as a protest against the redevelopment of a local neighborhood in central Seoul. This follow-up film turns to the personal stories of five people involved in the demonstrations who were accused of legal violations. Where the first film seeks to provide material evidence against the use of violence by state police, The Remnants focuses instead on the personal accounts of what happened. Seven years after, these people try to make sense of the events, the reasons why they fought, sharing their accounts of how the situation escalated into violence.

Picturehouse Central, 01 Nov 2017 6:30 pm

Goodbye My Hero + Introduction by Matthew Barrington

Still Goodbye My Hero 3 Main
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Director: Han Younghee
Cast: Kim Hyeon-wu, Kim Jeong-wun, Cho Chang-hee
Cert 12A, 108mins, 2018

The 14-year-old Hyeon-wu is at the centre of this documentary which addresses labour relations and workers' rights. Good Bye My Hero’s focus is on the effect of the ongoing union battles for better conditions within Korean factories on the family unit and specifically the family's only son, Hyeon-wu. The patriarch of the family has been laid off due to his participation in protesting job losses from SsangYong Motors, and while the film documents his struggle through interviews and archive footage, it is narrated through intimate video interviews and diary excerpts by Hyeon-wu, as the teenager attempts to navigate the everyday issues related to growing up and fitting in at school with the uncertainty and social stigma of his father’s fight to be reinstated.

KCCUK, 29 Oct 2017 3:00 pm

A Dream of Iron + Introduction by Matthew Barrington

A Dream Of Iron
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Director: Park Kyung-hyun
Cert U, 100mins, 2018

An elegiac film essay documenting and interrogating the financial and emotional investment in the steel industry in 1960’s South Korea. Kelvin Kyung Kun Park weaves together archive footage with slow moving pans and static camera shots to contrast the utopian optimism of the push to rebuild the nation's industry after the destruction of the Korean War with the subsequent failure to reach the goal of modernity. Hyundai is one of the companies which has played the largest role in the industrialisation of South Korea and the name of the company comes from the Korean word for “modernity”. The ramifications of both the desire for and failure of Korean modernisation are at the heart of the film, which uses this idea to branch off into a wide and at times idiosyncratic quest for the sublime, incorporating ancient whales and mystic rituals.

ICA London, 05 Nov 2017 2:00 pm

In Conversation with Director Lee Hyuk-sang (Pinks)

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Lee Hyuk-sang garnered attention after receiving the Mecenat Award from the Busan International Film Festival and the Independent Filmmaker’s Award from the Association of Korean Independent Film & Video for his debut film Miracle on Jongno Street (2010). In 2011, he served as creative director on the documentary Two Doors (2012) before co-directing its sequel, The remnants (2016).

KCCUK, 02 Nov 2017 2:00 pm