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Director: Cho Ui-seok
Cast: Lee Byung-hun, Gang Dong-won, Kim Woo-bin
Cert 15, 143mins, 2017

Lee Byung-hun plays the charismatic orchestrator of an elaborate ponzi scheme whose livelihood is threatened when Gang Dong-won’s ambitious investigator goes after him. The financial crimes unit attempts to turn the conman’s right hand man (Kim Woo-bin) in the organisation but as they close in, cronyism and evasive maneuvers keep him out of handcuffs. Just as capture seems imminent, the conman scampers away with his loot to the Philippines. An explosive chase ensues far outside the investigator’s jurisdiction when a crook’s political connections and the investigator’s rulebook must be traded in for good old guns, brawn and street smarts.

Cold Eyes director Cho Ui-seok explores financial anxieties and political corruption in the first half of this taut, star-studded thriller before switching to vibrant action when the production moves to the colourful, sun-drenched slums of Manila for its back half.

Regent Street Cinema, 06 Nov 2017 6:30 pm

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