Come, Together

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Director: Shin Dong-il
Cast: Im Hyeong-gook, Lee Hee-eun, Chae Bin
Cert 15, 122mins, 2017

Korea’s highly competitive nature goes under the microscope in Shin Dong-il’s heated new drama about a harried family of three. Following 18 years of loyalty, the patriarch of the family is suddenly fired from his desk job, while his credit card saleswoman wife winds up in hot water when she cuts corners to entice customers. Both parents are desperate for their daughter to get into Korea University, but when she ends up on the waiting list, pressure mounts as the deadline looms.

As the family’s status rank threatens to collapse, each character reacts in explosive ways, unsure how to navigate a path that veers away from the status quo. Continuing his exploration of characters struggling to toe the line of Korean society, Shin crafts another tense microcosm of modern Seoul with realistic and well-cast characters in Come, Together, which debuted at the Busan International Film Festival last year.

Picturehouse Central, 28 Oct 2017 8:45 pm

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