6 Video Works (2005-2012) by Lim Minouk + Introduction by Maria Palacios Cruz

Minouk Lim The Weight Of Hands 2010 Hd Single Channel Video Sound Projection 13U201950” Still Images From Video ⓒ The Artist 1

Working across a range of mediums, including performance, video, sculpture, installation and community-engaged public art, Lim Minouk explores the human and societal costs of modernisation, denouncing situations of displacement and alienation caused by South Korea’s economic growth and rapid urbanisation since the 1960s. As she writes, “in my installations, performances, and videos, I aim to give the disappearing present a proper send-off while also constructing a memory of it with the hope of seeing it again in the future. These works are different from the traditional format of a documentary in that they include the intervention of staged actions. So my sense of time does not follow the common sequence of past-present-future, but rather of past-future-present.”

LUX, 29 Oct 2017 2:00 pm

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