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This is an exciting moment for women behind the camera. Globally, the focus is on female filmmakers: who they are; what they are achieving; and how there can be more. This panel brings together two of Korea’s most exciting women directors, 21st century rising star Lee Kyoung-mi, whose second film The Truth Beneath opens this year’s festival, and Yim Soon-rye, whose nine-film career bridges the millennial divide, from her first film Sechinku (1996) to the upcoming Little Forest. Joining them will be a leading light in new British cinema, to compare, contrast and converse about the changing opportunities and challenges, pleasures and risks, for women in national and international film industries, as the space opens up to tell more – and more varied and complex – stories.
“Compared to all other Asian countries, Korean female directors are considered to be the most active,” writes Anchalee Chaiworaporn in The Celluloid Ceiling, and our speakers will discuss how this came to be and what has changed since Park Nam-ok became the first Korean female feature filmmaker in 1955 with The Widow. Yim documented her own generation of female filmmakers – and the pioneers who went before them – in Keeping The Vision Alive, and we will talk about the importance of state funding, film schools, independent cinema, women’s film festivals and programming strands, and the changes in gender politics and film technologies that are shaping how we see the lives of women through the eyes of Korean and international women directors.

CHAIR: Chris Berry - Professor of Film Studies at King’s College

Maria Cabrera - Curator and co-founder of Reel Good Film Club
Tara Judah - Critic, broadcaster and film programmer
Dr. Preti Taneja - Research fellow, co-founder ERA Films, award-winning writer.
Hye Young Cho - Programmer of Seoul International Women's Film Festival

Regent Street Cinema, 05 Nov 2016 4:30 pm

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