Our vision

For the 2015 Film Festival and Beyond

To mark our tenth anniversary, we at the London Korean Film Festival have developed a sustainable and coherent vision in order to guide the festival during our next decade. We are also delighted to announce that Mr Kabsoo Kim will be the Festival Director for this year’s edition.

The four key approaches for this year are:

  • Expanding opportunities for audience participation
  • Developing collaborative possibilities with UK-based film professionals & organisations
  • Strengthening the archival function of the festival
  • Supporting academic activities with regard to Korean cinema

To realise these ambitions, we will be running an audience survey in July to find out who our audience’s favourite Korean directors and actors; we will be also asking to our audience about their favourite films which have either opened or closed the festival in the last decade. There will then be a chance to see the three most popular films again during the 2015 festival. We will also be launching a new Short Film Production Bursary scheme to encourage emerging directors base in the UK to make short films that engage with Korean life, history and culture.

In addition, we are pleased to announce that we have invited a number of key film programmers to curate several strands in the festival programme. We will be also publishing a book on Korean cinema which will include contributions from the most prominent film writers and academics in this area.

As you will see here, we have been working towards the launch of the new website which will not only function as a programme guide for the festival, but also as a useful resource for discovering more about our year-round Korean cinema events, as well as further information and international news on Korean cinema.