Kundo: Age of the Rampant + Q&A


Film info

Director: Yoon Jong-bin
Cast: Gang Dong-won, Ha Jung-woo
Cert 15, 123mins, 2015

During the twilight of the Joseon Dynasty, Korea was a country ravaged by plague, famine, natural disasters and overwhelming poverty. Though its people suffered much during this harsh time, the country’s aristocracy remained untouched, exploiting and persecuting the lower classes. Amongst the misery a band of Robin Hood type men called the Kundo emerge from the misery. These freedom fighters devoted their lives to battling the corrupt and cruel authorities looking to bring some justice and revenge on behalf of the meek.

Ha Jung-woo play’s Dolmuchi, a butcher fated to wallow in the lowest levels of society, who is hired as an assassin by the rich and illegitimate noble Jo Yoon. Dolmuchi fails at his task with his family paying with their lives as a consequence. Guilt ridden and filled with rage against the cruel ruling class Dolmuchi pipcks up his meat cleavers and joins with the Kundo.