An Interview with The First Lap Director Kim Dae-hwan

06 November 2017

Festival Advisor Simon Ward discusses our Closing Film, The First Lap, with director Kim Dae-hwan ahead of its 08 November UK Premiere.

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Bae Chang-ho and the 1980s

31 October 2017

No single South Korean director is more identified with a given decade than Bae Chang-ho with the 1980s. He began the decade as assistant director to the great Lee Jang-ho, the focus of our ‘classics’ retrospective at LKFF 2016; he ended it as the most popular film artist of the era, more successful even than his mentor.

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An Interview with Director Hong Sangsoo

22 October 2017

Festival Advisor and Asian Cinema Expert Tony Rayns discusses our Festival Opening Film, The Day After, with director Hong Sangsoo ahead of its 26 October Premiere.

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Maturing Korean Film Industry Seduces Global Markets

14 October 2017

Film lovers from around the world often look to Korea for the next new thing. But after two decades of tailoring genres to their unique specifications, Korean filmmakers have slowly begun to move away from outright experimentation as the industry settles into a new era marked by confidence and sophistication. With studios also looking to profit from beyond Korea’s borders, more gambles have been taken on big-budget productions capable of competing on the world stage

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London Korean Film Festival Wraps 11th Edition

12 December 2016

The 11th edition of the London Korean Film Festival (LKFF) wrapped in the British capital on November 17th with a screening of Hong Sang-soo’s new arthouse film Yourself and Yours.

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Classics Revisited: Lee Chang-ho Retrospective

07 November 2016

Being a film-maker has never been the easiest of careers in Korea. In

the colonial era there was a constant lack of funding, competition from
both Hollywood and Japanese studios, and the risk of ruin if the censors
came down on your film. Things did not get much better under a series
of strong-men Korean soldier-presidents, certainly not for a film-maker
with original ideas and a desire to challenge the status quo...

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Lee Kyoung-mi Reveals THE TRUTH BENEATH in Q&A

06 November 2016

On the opening night of the 11th London Korean Film Festival director Lee Kyoung-mi introduced her film, THE TRUTH BENEATH, to an enthusiastic audience. Having recently been awarded a prestigious Best Director Award from Korean critics and recognition of the film's myriad qualities increasing the further it travels; the LKFF proved the perfect time to introduce the film to UK cinema fans...

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The Rise of Female Voices in Korean Cinema

23 October 2016

Here, film critic and Korean cinema expert Jason Bechervaise looks back over the history of female film directors in Korea, picking out some of the most influential examples to have appeared over the years.

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​Actor Focus: Baek Yoon-sik

13 October 2016

Acting veteran Baek Yoon-sik has been Korean cinema's go-to guy
ever since the country's new wave broke. Need a nuanced performance of
guaranteed quality? Baek's your man. Here Korean film journalist Paul Quinn looks back over the career of this acting heavyweight.

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A Landmark Year for Korean Genre Cinema

16 September 2016

A few more pages remain before we replace our calendars, but it’s already clear that 2016 will go down as a great year for Korean films,
particularly its genre cinema. Fan favourites such as Park Chan-wook,
Kim Jee-woon and Na Hong-jin have returned with some of their best work
and a host of other filmmakers have also put themselves on the map.

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