Our Team

The 11th London Korean Film Festival Team

Festival Director: Hoseong Yong

Festival Producer: Hyun Jin Cho

Programmers: Matthew Barrington, Ricardo Matos Cabo, Hyun Jin Cho, Maria Palacios Cruz, Mark Morris, Tony Rayns

Forum Organiser: Sophie Mayer

Programme Coordinator: Hookyeong Lee

Online Marketing & Press Coordinator: Christopher O'Keeffe

Guest & Press Services Coordinator: Hyun Young Kim

Film Transport & Venue Coordinator: Donghwan Ko

Offline Marketing & Venue Coordinator Assistant: Shilla Lee

Events and Logistics Coordinator: Jun Seo Kong

Subtitle Coordinator: Soojin Kwon

Accounting Manager: Byunghyun Roh

Festival Official Trailer: Intermission

Graphic Design: Julia, julia.uk.com

Thanks to all of our volunteers:
Claudia Balters, Chris Brown, Jieying Deng, Linh Dieu Do, Richard Duffy, Claudia Fuortes, Daseul Hwang, Hannah Mandapat, Donata Miller, Ged O'Mara, Kyounghu Suh, Abdikarim Youssouf


Tony Rayns (Film Critic and Festival Programmer)
Dr. Anton Bitel (Film Critic and Lecturer At Christ Church, The University of Oxford)
Dr. Jinhee Choi (King’s College London lecturer)
Dr. Mark Morris (Cambridge University lecturer)
Simon Ward (Independent Cinema Office deputy director)
Tony Simlick (former Odeon West End Manager)