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#2 On Foreign Ground: Visions of Migration

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This second season of 2017 Korean Film Nights runs from April until June and will focus on stories of immigration in South Korean cinema, a theme that was chosen for its relevance in the world today.

Join us as we explore the stories of a North Korean defector, migrant workers hailing from a variety of countries including Burma, Vietnam and Bangladesh as well as second-generation Korean emigrants returning to the country their parents left behind.

27 April, 7pm

Burmese on the Roof 옥상 위에 버마 (Dir. Oh Hyun-jin, Ko Du-hyin: 2016)

4 May, 7pm

Bandhobi 반두비 (Dir. Shin Dong-il: 2009)

11 May, 7pm

Scenery 풍경 (Dir. Zhang Lu: 2013)

1 June, 7pm

The Journals of Musan 무산일기 (Dir. Park Jung-bum: 2011)

8 June, 7pm

Seoul Searching (Dir. Benson Lee, 2015)

15 June, 7pm

He's On Duty 방가?방가! (Dir. Yook Sanh-hyo, 2015)

All screenings take place at the Korean Cultural Centre UK

Free admission, booking essential