Early Korean Cinema: KCCUK Event Tickets Now Available!

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Early Korean Cinema: Lost Films From the Japanese Colonial Period

Tickets are now available for the Early Korean Cinema events taking place at the Korean Cultural Centre UK (KCCUK). All KCCUK events are free to attend (booking is required).

Angels on the Street + The Power of Sincerity + Q&A

Tuesday 12 February, 7pm

Angels on the Street follows the story of Myeong-ja and Yong-pil, two young siblings living on the streets of Seoul. Their lives are hard, and tragedy looks imminent but help is at hand in the form of kindly Priest Bang Soo-bin and his generous brother-in-law, Dr Ahn.

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Straits of Chosun

Tuesday 19 February, 7pm

Straits of Chosun follows the lives of a young couple who are divided by both war and family. Seiki and Kinshuko may be in love but Seiki’s upper class family have rejected his lower-class wife and refuse acknowledge the marriage. When Seiki’s elder brother dies at war he feels honour bound to volunteer for the army in his stead. Left pregnant and alone, Kinshuko decides to also work for the war effort.

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Dear Soldier + Chosun, Our Rear Base

Monday 25 February, 7pm

Dear Soldier is probably one of the most uncomfortable film to have survived from this period. One of a series of propaganda film designed to encourage young Korean men to join the army, the film presents an image of a benevolent and paternalistic Japan seeking to care for its colonial subjects. The film presents an idealised vision of the Japanese military experience which was, in reality, marked with abuse, brutality and racism.

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