Two Doors

두 개의 문

Two Doors Still 0002
Film info

Director: Kim Il-rhan Director: Hong Ji-you
Cast: Kwon Yeongguk, Kim Hyeongtae, Ryoo Juhyeong
Film genre: Documentary
Cert 15, 101 mins, 2012
Distributed by Cinema DAL

Following the ‘Yongsan Tragedy’ when a sit-in rally in central Seoul was organised to resist a forced eviction resulted in the deaths of five protesters and one police officer, three people involved in the demonstration were arrested and deemed responsible for the lives lost. This documentary is an investigation into what took place and questions the actions of the police who took part in the suppression of the demonstration as well as the role of the government. Two Doors benefits from the high visibility of the incident which resulted in hours of footage taken from CCTV and the recordings from both the press and onlookers being made available to the filmmakers. The access to such resources ensures that audiences are able to see and hear the actions and strategies used by the Korean police to forcibly evict the residents from the building they had been occupying.