This Charming Girl

여자, 정혜

This Charming Girl
Film info

Director: Lee Yoon-ki
Cast: Kim Ji-soo, Hwang Jung-min
Film genre: Drama
Cert 15, 99 mins, 2004
Distributed by CJ E&M

What really goes on beneath the surface in other people’s lives? 20-something Jeong-hae (Kim Ji-soo) has an ordinary job in the local post office and is well liked among the staff but also remains something of an outsider. Typically quiet and efficient, perhaps the social ideal of graceful femininity, Jeong-hae’s days are filled with empty loneliness, performing the same monotonous tasks day in day out and spending evenings alone watching shopping TV. The decision to rescue a wounded kitten profoundly alters her sense of connection and even prompts her into pursuing a shy writer whose manuscripts she often mails, but her isolation shields a traumatic past that may prove difficult to escape. Lee’s debut feature is a masterful examination of hidden lives masked by a veneer of conventionality and of the various ways we each live privately, unknown even to those close to us.