The Shameless


the-shameless 2
Film info

Director: Oh Seung-uk
Cast: Jeon Do-yeon, Kim Nam-gil
118 mins, 2015

A crime drama about emotional evisceration. Criminal enforcer Joon-gil (Park Sung-woong) has murdered a man the audience never meets. Motivation is extrapolated: the victim was threatening his lover, Hye-kyung (Jeon Do-yeon). Now hunted by his former employer, a shady influential corporation, which has the ear of the corrupter elements of the police force, the authorities also want him. Detective Jae-gon (Kim Nam-gil) is assigned. Not bribable, but also with a reputation for going beyond the strict rule of law, Jae-gon tracks down Joon-gil. The first of two action sequences unfurls excitingly. Cop fear of the suspect means an unusual attempt at subduing, which goes wrong and Joon-gil escapes. The rest of the runtime is Jae-gon undercover seeking to rectify his mistake. The lone wolf pursuit of the target is not concerned with conventional thriller dynamics here, instead is more interested in the moral bankruptcy of society and no one we meet in the film is without tarnish.

By Hemanth Kissoon