The Remnants


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Film info

Director: Kim Il-rhan Director: Lee Hyuk-sang
Cast: Kim Ju-hwan, Kim Chang-su, Lee Chung-yeon
Film genre: Documentary
Cert 15, 116 mins, 2018
Distributed by Cinema DAL

Two Doors investigated the events that took place in Yongsan, amassing documents to question the use of force against the people involved in the occupation of a watchtower as a protest against the redevelopment of a local neighborhood in central Seoul. This follow-up film turns to the personal stories of five people involved in the demonstrations who were accused of legal violations. Where the first film seeks to provide material evidence against the use of violence by state police, The Remnants focuses instead on the personal accounts of what happened. Seven years after, these people try to make sense of the events, the reasons why they fought, sharing their accounts of how the situation escalated into violence.