The Red Shoes

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Director: Kim Yong Gyun
Film genre: Horror
Cert 15, 103 mins, 2005

Paying homage to Hans Christian Anderson’s 1845 fairy tale of the same name, The Red Shoes brings a peculiarly Korean twist to this grotesque tale of magical shoes whose beauty, while enticing, hides their cursed nature.  Discovering her husband has been unfaithful, Sun-jae (Kim Hye-su) flees to Seoul with her young daughter, Tae-soo (Park Yun-a), and tries to begin her life over. One day, Tae-soo comes across a pair of pink shoes as she is riding on the subway, and unable to resist their beauty she takes them home with her.  And as in the fairytale, these are no ordinary shoes and everyone who comes into contact with the shoes, including her daughter, falls under their curse. In order for Sun-jae to save her daughter, she enlists the help of her boyfriend, In-cheol (Kim Sung-su), to trace the origins of the cursed shoes. Their investigation leads them back to a traumatic time in Korean history: the Japanese Occupation. As past and present coalesce, can revealing the mystery of the shoes and their original owner, put paid to the curse in the present?