The March of Fools

바보들의 행진

The March Of Fools Still 01
Film info

Director: Ha Gil-jong
Cast: Yun Mun-seop, Ha Jae-young, Lee Young-ok, Kim Ill-young, Kim Yeong-suk
Film genre: Drama
Cert 15, 105 mins, 1975

In his My Korean Cinema, Kim hong-joon refers to The March of Fools as a film that made a profound impact upon him.The film was directed by Ha Gil-jong, a director who was known for being somewhat of a rebel himself and who unfortunately passed away all too soon. His film is about the dreams of youth and freedom, of love and possibility, but also of realising that life does not always turn out the way one had hoped.

Majoring in Philosophy at college, Byeong-tae becomes acquainted at a group meeting with Young-ja, who majors in French Literature. With the influence of rapidly propagated Western culture, these stylish 70s youngsters are dealing with the agonies of family, school and jobs. Though this agony is coloured with humour and self- scorn, it points towards a bright and promising future.

The March of Fools was recently deemed the best Korean film of all time in a KoFa poll of the top 100 Korean films.