The Liar


Film info

Director: Kim Dong-myung
Cast: Kim Kkobbi, Chun Sin-hwan
95 mins, 2014

Ah-young (Kim Kkobbi, who largely became known to UK audiences for her memorable performance in Yang Ik-june’s hard hitting drama (2008)) is a dermatology clinic assistant who outwardly appears to be a happy, young woman of means. However, the truth of her situation is far removed from the boastful stories she endlessly tells. She steals, borrows and increasingly lies to hide the fact that her family is broken and destitute and her sister a chronic alcoholic. As Ah-young’s web of deceit becomes ever more intricate and convoluted, cracks in her stories begin to appear and as she loses respect from the very people she has been trying to impress, her lies, and life, start to fall apart.

By Paul Quinn