The Knitting Club

야근 대신 뜨개질

The Knitting Club Still 02
Film info

Director: Park So-hyun
Cert 12, 98 mins, 2016

When a group of women working in an office get bored with the hardened angry faces that they meet on their way to work on the grey urban mornings of their city commute, they decide to do something about it. In an effort to make the city a happier place for all, they start a knitting club.

“Coming to work in the morning, everyone is stone faced in this cold grey city… wouldn’t it be great to do something to make people smile?”

As the women become closer friends they realise that they have more in common than they thought. With an inspiring soundtrack and presenting a beautiful way in which people can come together, this documentary is an inspiration for change and for creating alternative platforms for discussion.

“Going from knitting that changes the city, to knitting that changes lives.”