The Insect Woman


The Insect Woman Still
Film info

Director: Kim Hyun
Cast: Lim Ye-eun, Kim Do-yun, Moon Woo-bin
Film genre: Horror, Fantasy
Cert 15, 20 mins, 2018
Distributed by Central Park Films

Hui-eun has two obsessions: becoming class president, and former classmate So-hyun. It seems that Hui-eun has a problem with bullying her fellow classmates, and is trying to mend her ways. She’ll even go so far as to pay So-hyun to stand by her as she makes her campaign speech. But Hui-eun is also forming a fascination with insects: the ants that crawl on the ground, those strange, tiny creatures that eschew pretensions and strive to achieve their goal at any cost. As Hui-eun’s obsessions with the ants grow, so does her desire to emulate them - perhaps a bit too much.