The Age of Success


The Age Of Success
Film info

Director: Jang Sun-woo
Cast: Ahn Sung-Ki, Lee Hye-Young, Choe Bong, Jeong Bu-mi
Film genre: Romance
Cert 18, 112 mins, 1988
Distributed by Hwang Ki-seong Production

A year after the release of Oliver Stone’s Wall Street (1987) with its sardonic credo of “greed is good”, director Jang Sun-woo unveiled what looks three decades on like the Korean response – a vivid, madcap comedy of corporate intrigue and naked self-advancement. The stage is the bland office of Seoul food manufacturer, Yumi, its corridors stalked by the ambitious Kim Pan-chok (Ahn Sung-ki), a salesman with a gift for self-promotion and a fierce devotion to a macho, militaristic form of capitalist endeavour: “Sleep More Than Four Hours, You’re Doomed,” reads a poster on his bedroom wall.