Spring of the Korean Peninsula

반도의 봄

Spring In The Korean Peninsula 01 Cropped
Film info

Director: Lee Byung-il
Cast: Kim So-young, Seo Wol-young, Kim Il-hae, Baek Ran
Film genre: Drama
84 mins, 1941

In Spring of Korean Peninsula, a young filmmaker and his crew struggle to bring the famous Korean story of Chunghyang to the big screen. Torn between two very different women and facing financial ruin, the director makes a rash and foolish choice in order to realise his dreams. Visually arresting, Spring of Korean Peninsula allows a fascinating insight into the Korean film industry of the period. The film presents the complexities of filming in Korea in the 1940s, and, via posters on the studio walls indicates the wide variety of film influences, from German expressionism to Hollywood dramas, that Korean directors in this period had.