Even No Shadow

그림자도 없다

S Even No Shadow
Film info

Director: Choi Chang-hwan
Cast: Nguyen Dnc Thu, Mangala Sanjeewa Kodeethwskku, Choi Changhwan
Film genre: Drama
Cert TBC, 36 mins, 2011
Distributed by Indiestory Inc.

Centred on immigrant workers from Vietnam and Sri Lanka, Choi’s heroic short goes deep into Korea’s ‘black economy’, where exploitation and injustice are rife and racist outbursts are just one too many shots of soju away. The storyline shuttles from Incheon to Daegu, where the social-activist priest Jang does his best to help the immigrants with their claims for compensation, severance pay and employment rights. Fine, eye-opening stuff, rather well acted by the non-pro cast – which includes Choi himself.