Queen of Walking


Qow School
Film info

Director: Baek Seung-hwa
Cast: Shim Eun-kyung, Park Joo-hee, Kim Saebyuk, Kim Kyang-gyoo
Film genre: Comedy, Drama
Cert 12, 93 mins, 2016
Distributed by Finecut

Hailed as one of the funniest comedies of the year, Queen of Walking sees motion-sickness afflicted student Man-bok join her school’s ace ‘race walking’ team, developing a passion for the sport and a zest for life. With the aid of a passionate homeroom teacher, the national competition is soon on the horizon, but how will the bus-averse student make the 70km trip…

South Korea’s current queen of comedy Shim Eun-kyung takes the lead as Man-bok. Shim rose to stardom after the 2014 box-office smash Miss Granny, with her charming turn helping guide the film to astronomical success at home. It was even followed by remakes in Hong Kong, China, Japan, and Vietnam with more still to come. The talented young actress makes a welcome return to the comedy genre in Queen of Walking, putting in an equally animated performance set to win over audiences for a second time.

Joining the film’s star are a whole host of colourful supporting characters including Man-bok’s overly-emotional father, her no-nonsense mother, a hip-hop obsessed crush, and the fiery athletics team captain, Su-ji (Joo Hee-Park, The Silenced)... not to mention her bovine best-friend, Miss Cow, who narrates the film.

With Queen of Walking, director Baek Seung-hwa (Turn It Up to 11) has incorporated colourful animated effects, surreal flights-of-fantasy, and a fantastic cast into a delightfully quirky and hugely enjoyable comedy-drama.