Princess Aurora

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Film info

Director: Pang Eun-jin
Cast: Uhm Jeong-hwa, Moon Sung-keun, Kwon Oh-jung, Kim Sun-hwa
Film genre: Horror
Cert 18, 106 mins, 2005

The directorial debut of Pang Eun-jin, Princess Aurora is a female take on the one of the most feted of all Korean genres: the revenge film. Vengeance, bloody and violent, here is meted out by Jung Soon-jung (Uhm Jung-hwa), a mother grieving the horrific death of her young daughter, at the hands of a stranger some years prior to the opening of the film. But what is the reason behind her ‘kill list’ – the people on which, including an abusive mother, seemingly have nothing in common, besides the small sticker of “Princess Aurora” (a children’s television series) which is found at the scene of each crime? To complicate matters, one of the detectives who is investigating the murders, Oh Sung-Ho (Moon Sung-geun), is her ex-husband. Driven down a spiraling path of destruction, can Detective Oh stop Soon-jung before it is too late?