Possible Faces


Possible Faces
Film info

Director: Lee Kang-hyun
Cast: Kim Saebyeok, Park Jonghwan, Yun Jongseok
Film genre: Drama, Romance
Cert TBC, 131 mins, 2017
Distributed by CINEMADAL

Lee Kang-hyun presents a nuanced, delightfully ordinary portrait of a young couple’s separation in Possible Faces (2017). Winner of the Citizen Critics’ Award at Busan International Film Festival, the film follows the now parallel lives of Kisun (Park Jonghwan) and Hyejin (Kim Saebyeok), two aimless souls who have parted ways after three years of living together.

Hyejin leaves her job and begins work on remodelling her mother’s restaurant, eating alone in cafes and pottering around her apartment. Kisun treads water as a high school administrator until he strikes up a friendship with Jinsoo (Yun Jongseok), a student who plays on the school’s soccer team, that evolves into something deeper.  

Favouring small details in the everyday over high impact drama to drive his narrative, Lee allows his characters to intertwine subtly, complementing each other’s stories and presenting a gentle reflection of significant connections in a solitary city.