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Film info

Director: Park Chan-ok
Cast: Seo Woo, Lee Seon-gyun, Shim Yi-young
Film genre: Drama
Cert 15, 110 mins, 2010

An activist in 1996, Joong-shik, accidently causes a horrifying injury to his lover’s infant son and flees from the police to Paju, a small developing town north of Seoul. He lays low but eventually falls in love and marries Eun-soo who lives with her younger sister, Eun-mo. Sadly, Eun-soo dies in an explosion which causes her sister to runaway to India.

Eun-mo returns in 2003 to find Joong-sik now a leader of squatters who seems to be violently battling against the demolition of an apartment complex. A reunioned with her brother-in-law stirs up all the mixed emotions of hate, resentment, envy, and love that she once had for him, which become even more complex when she begins to believe that Joong-sik might be responsible for the death of her sister.