Old Love


Old Love
Film info

Director: Park Ki-yong
Cast: Yoo Jungah, Kim Taehoon, Kim Moonhee
Film genre: Romance
Cert 18, 89 mins, 2017
Distributed by Good Move Media

After 15 years of running film schools and making documentaries, Park Kiyong returns to fiction with a movie that you could take as an ironic commentary on Motel Cactus and Camel(s). Jungsoo and Yoonhee dated when they were students, thirty-some years ago. They meet by chance at Incheon Airport as sadder and wiser adult smokers and agree to see each other again during the coming Lunar New Year holiday. There’s a lot of catching-up to do: between them they have the full range of grown-up problems, from a parent with Alzheimer’s to a bankrupt company and a terminally ill business partner. Both now find themselves alone in life, and one of them would like to turn the clock back …  Made as a joint venture between Tokyo University of the Arts and Dankook University’s Graduate School, this is Park’s most sophisticated, touching and reflective film. It’s set in the winter of 2017, during the campaign to impeach President Park Geunhye.